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Sassy Aussie
7/5/2011 3:52:51 PM

Help with a hard keeper?

I full lease a 10 year old QH/ Arab gelding who wasn't being worked much 4-6 hours a week. Now that I've been working him more since school's out, he's dropped weight. He has a naturally slim build because of the Arab in him. But I am seeing way too much of his ribs. I'd say he is a 3-4, closer to 4, on the Henneke body score.
I use him as a guide horse at a trail riding facility for the public. He was a hay only horse before he started getting worked. He's been getting a half scoop of grain twice a day, the BO's orders, and free choice hay. It is decent quality. I've been trying to work him as little as possible, but its hard since we're so busy. The BO doesn't like guides using the customer horses, because they have been working so much too. And most of the guide horses have been sold in the past month, so I have to use my horse more than I'd like.
The BO is an old timer who doesn't really believe in using supplements or giving the horses special treatment. He's probably yell at me if I tried to give supplements. He is concerned about my horse's weight, but hasn't given me any advise on what to do with him other than the grain.
Are there any high fat and protein treats on the market I could give him? He seems to have improved a little with the grain, but not quickly enough for most people's standards. Even non horse people can tell he's skinny.
What should I do with him?
Also, he has a parrot mouth so it takes him longer to eat than normal horses. He is in with a herd, however I've never seen him pushed away from the hay, he is quite dominant. And he gets his grain separately, so he has no competition.
His owner, who has the veterinary responsibility, is in Texas. At this barn, they don't call the vet unless the horse is obviously ill they handle things themselves, such as shots and worming. He has lived there for almost his whole life, and is on a 6 month wormer.
How do you tell if they're not digesting their feed? His poop seems the same as all the other horses, even upon close inspection.
The BO doesn't allow 'extras' like beet pulp. All the horses get the same unless you're a boarder, and I only lease. I'd have to sneak him things like that. Oils might be doable, or a very subtle powder supplement. But I'd have to do that myself, so he wouldn't get it if I'm not there.
07/05/2011 11:02PM
If its possible it may help to break his 2 feeds into 3 or 4 of smaller quantities as this will suit his metabolism better and he will be more likely to absorb the nutrients in his feed. Aside from that I suggest adding plain old canola oil to his feed. I add 1/2 cup to my horse's feed but you can use up to 1 cup full. Start with less and build it up and keep an eye on his stool to make sure it doesn't become too loose. Aldi sells canola oil the cheapest that I've found :)
7/10/2011 10:46:50 AM

What i would do to make Red Dead Redemption a better game. Realistic Version.?

So i made one of these before. This one person replied saying that they couldn't do these things for good reasons. Like i said that they should've added children, but they said that they can't because of "child slaughter". So, i wanted to revise it into a more realistic change that i would make to this game if i could.

i would allow marston to sit wherever he wants. Like, lets say you are at your home in Beechers Hope, and you can't really interact with the house, or the people in it. i wish that you could sit at the table at dinner time, and abigail would cook dinner for the family and they would talk about their lives and such. (you see abigail cooking stuff everyday, but she never does anything else but cook it, and then just move the pot somewhere else, she doesn't serve it to the family. i also wish you could talk to them, like when you wake up in the morning and see abigail cooking food (like always -_-) and say hello or even kiss her. And so on and so fourth with the rest of the family. Another thing is horses. they are spectacular, really, but it gets old seeing the same horse everytime you whistle. i think they all look the same. they may have different colors, but i know every breed, and i know exactly what they look like. i wish they had different body types, like some are plumpier than others, and some are tall and lean. And there would be older and younger horses. They would be different colors, each and every one of them, you couldn't be bored of these horses, if they were all different in some way. there would also be males and females, wilder ones and calmer ones. different hair lengths, there would be some that are perfectly beautiful, and some that are dirty and cheap looking. I don't understand why they didn't add foals and colts, i mean its the same catagory if you killed a horse in real life "animal slaughter" i know its not right, but who would kill a baby?!?!
i mean come on! Another unrealistiic quality about the horses is that your horse always has a saddle on. I wish you could take it on and off, and be able to put it in the stable, and it would stay there! Horses would interact with eachother, some friendly, and some territorial. Since sex is such a big deal, they probably wouldn't add sex to the game, if i was participating in the making of this game, i would add sex to this game. it would make it so much more realistic, i wish you could breed animals and you could sell them for money. Or keep them for your own unique animal to keep. like for sex, you couldn't see anything for humans, but for horses, i think it would be realistic to see that. Look, i'm not some sick person who likes to watch animals have sex, i just know what its like in the farm life, horses like fooling around ALOT!!! lol Horses are funny creatures, they should be able to add characteristics to them, because it just doesn't look good if it doesn't. i wish you could hold it by the reins and walk with them so you could guide them to where you want to go. (by their side, not on their back.) You know how they added a unicorn to the undead nightmare pack? i don't like that, unicorns with zombies? uh uh. i would have put one in reagular mode. Same thing for Sasquatch. Exept, i wouldn't put a hungarian half bred with a horn with a rainbow coming out of its ass i would make it pure white (or black, several types) with a horn and it would be the fastest horse in the game, you couldn't add a saddle to it, or else it wouldn't let you ride it. It could also have extra hair around its foot and chin (depending on some unicorns) and radiant eyes of different colors.

The Ending: i would have given the player the chance to save John's life at the end, where when you are in dead eye, you could kill all of them at once, and ride to your family telling them you are alright. Yay for John Marston!! :D

And one more thing i will mention that i would change is that i would change the white horse so it actually looks white, see ya later ya'll! comment back please! :)
07/10/2011 5:49PM
add sex -- it would sell out
edit 1:
to the haters who dislike, you all suck monkey balls
edit 2:
"Look, i'm not some sick person who likes to watch animals have sex, i just know what its like in the farm life, horses like fooling around ALOT!!! lol Horses are funny creatures" that made me lol
9/5/2011 10:16:47 AM

Looking at a horse? First timer! Need tips!?

I've posted a similar question like this but we didn't go look at the horse.

This will be my first time looking at a horse and I need a lot of advice. I've been riding for a long time but it's been about a year since I've had an actual lesson due to finding a better barn (which I have) So basically you could say I'm a little rusty. Will this serve as a problem? If I end up liking the horse, will she not sell him to me if she doesn't like my riding?

I'd like to ride the horse but what will I say to her about it? I haven't been in a horse lesson in a year?

This is what I was thinking of doing when looking at the horse...
1. Ask the owner to guide the horse out of the pasture or stall, groom him, pick of the hoofs and tack him up. Then ask the owner to ride the horse in front of you.
2. Then I ride the horse?
3. Ask if she can unstack the horse and ask if I can groom the horse/put him away after she untacks?
4. Discuss medical history, general history, previous owners, reason for selling ETC.
Continue to look at the horse if I'm interested.

The horse is a QH, 8 years, gelding. I understand that sometimes their hoofs can be too small for them? This can be a problem? How can I tell if the hoofs are wayyy to small. I'm not very good at that stuff like my Mom but if she doesn't notice I'd like to come in prepared.

I'll give the profile information of the horse, I need help! (I'm driving to see the horse from New Jersey)

This is my 'riding' profile and what I'm looking for. This horse seemsappropriatee, right?

-I can tack my own horse/care, I can walk, post, canter but no jumping! I'm not planning to either.
I want a horse I can improve those skills on and possibly learn how to do small jumps on. I can ride english/western but I'd like to learn more in the western discipline.

Usually they say bring a professional with you. Does my Mom count as another eye as myself? She's been riding since she was a girl and has even owned her own horse. Now she doesn't but she would still count as someone to help?
Hopefully this link will work.

Do any of you think it will be too soon if I literally go to the barn I want to board at, take one lesson and tell her about the horse I'm looking at this week?
09/05/2011 5:29PM
First of all, congratulations on buying your first horse (:

She should have no problem with you riding the horse, but I would DEFINITELY suggest bringing a professional with you, mainly because you haven't been in lessons for a year, so you will naturally be a bit rusty. Has your mom ridden recently? Maybe she could ride before you do (and after the owner).

Your plan sounds pretty good. I've never heard of a horse's hooves being too small for their don't know about that part.

Your link doesn't work, but if you put up another one, I'll answer the last part of your question (:

Thanks for the link (: He sounds like a great horse for you, especially if you want to learn more western, since it seems like that is what he's better/more trained at.

I don't think it would be too soon. After a lesson, your new instructor will know where you're at and should be happy to come out and look at the horse with you (they'll charge you for it, though, but it shouldn't be much).
10/12/2011 4:51:12 PM

Is this a good price to ask for these YuGiOh cards?

Monster Reborn, Ultra Rare: $25
Sage's Stone, Secret Rare: $10
D.D. Crazy Beast, Rare: $1
Knights Title, secret rare: $5
2 Spirit Message, Rare: $1
2 Kaiser Sea horse, Ultra rare: $1
Red Moon Baby, Rare: $.50
Blade knight Secret, Rare: $5
Peten the Dark Clown, common:$1
Exodia The Forbidden One, Secret Rare:$20
The Forceful Sentry, Ultra Rare: $3
Spell Shield Type-8, Super Rare: $2
Graceful Charity, Super Rare: $2
2 The Flute of Summoning Dragon, super rare:$2
Dark Piercing Light, Super Rare: $2
Blast Held By A Tribute, Ultra rare: $6
The A Forces, Rare $3
Luster Dragon, super rare: $2
3 Summopned Skull, Common: $8
Black Luster Ritual, Super Rare: $2
Dark Necrofear, super rare: $3
Left Leg Of The Forbidden One, Common:$6
Goblin Fan, secret rare: $2
Gaia The Dragon Champion, Secret Rare:$6
Zoa, Metal Zoa, secret rare: $5
Andro Sphinx, secret rare: $4
Dark Ruler Ha Des, secret rare:$2
Bottomless Trap Hole, Rare:$8
11 Dark Holes, Common:$11
Perfect Machine King, ultra rare: $8
Black Luster Soldier, super rare: $3
Judgement of Anubis, secret rare:$6
Vampire Lord, Ultra Rare, lmt:$2
Rares# 31 $27
250+ common cards (may have some expensive commons)
The numbers above add up to $194. This is according to guide prices. I took off 20%-50% of the guide price on most of the cards.

I realize that no one would really want to buy all these for $194. Whoever knows a lot about YuGiOh card prices can give a rough estimate that would be great. I'm planning on selling these on craigslist.
10/13/2011 1:07AM
No one is gonna buy any of those card with those outrageous prices
basically, most of these card are like 1$ or less, 95-99% of these cards won't sell because they aren't use in decks nowadays, the only thing I see any worth is monster reborn, bottomless and dark hole, and even so wont sell for that much
11/8/2011 4:57:28 PM

Genetics questions (application questions)?

1. A horse breeder claims that the future offspring from a prize stallion and mare will be identical to the award winning first offspring they’ve already produced. In fact, he’s willing to sell you an
investment opportunity on their next offspring. Assuming you had the money, would you invest
it this way? Explain.

2. Dr. Smith has just won the award for best new plant at the national show of the African Violet Society of America. A check of the genetics of the plant shows that it has 45 chromosomes.
(African violets are listed in the literature as 2N=30) To reproduce more plants like this one,
should Dr. Smith breed it or clone it? Explain.

3. The Genetic Genie in the DNA bottle has granted you just one wish for hybridizing widgets.
You can create variation in your widgets by random assortment of chromosomes, random
fertilization, or crossing-over. Which method do you choose? Explain.

4. The diploid number for fruit flies is 8 while that for grasshoppers is 46. If no crossing over took
place, would the genetic variation among offspring from a given pair of parents be greater in
fruit flies or grasshoppers? Explain.

5. Under what circumstances would crossing over during meiosis NOT contribute to genetic
variation among daughter cells? Explain.

p.s. I'm not cheating or anything by asking the answers to these questions! They're for my non-graded AP Bio study guide.
11/09/2011 5:40AM
1. No, you should not invest in that. Every offspring (every baby horse) will be a new combination of the mare's and the stallion's genes, just like every sister or brother is different in a human family.

2. She/He should clone it. The plant has an odd number of chromosomes, so breeding it would result in strange combinations. I am actually not sure how to explain an odd number of chromosomes, but I would guess that crossing it with a different plant with 2n=30 would result in lethal combinations.

3. You should choose crossing-over, because that will generate the most new combinations.

4. That of grasshoppers will give the most variations, because they have 23 different chromosomes, so much more possibilities of different combinations.

5. When the 2 segments of the chromosome are exactly identical.
11/12/2011 10:15:40 AM

Is there anything we can do or must we just sit back & watch disaster?

Two of us are very worried about an extremely close friend. This friend has sold her home, & put the money toward buying farm property with a couple. They each own 1/3. In the beginning, the couple couldn't get financing for $100,000. then suddenly everything was fine. What these people are planning on doing is setting up an equine-assisted healing centre whereby horses assist with healing. Our friend is very heavily into "her higher self".."intuitive"...rubs her thigh to get yes/no answers, says she's being 'guided' to do this, it's her destiny, etc.etc. She moved into the 'partners'
home, w hile the partners moved into the farm house (all 3 bought together). This was a week ago. Our friend hasn't told her adult children that she has moved; they don't even have her new phone number as yet. We are so worried that these 'partners' are using her. She took a course in the Spring & the person who heads that retreat told her she must sell her house, she had to face her was her house that was holding her back from moving forward. Then her 'partner' listed their house in July. As of this writing is hasn't sold. This partner mentioned to our friend a few times..'you have to get your house listed...mine's listed..we've got to get going on this".
We all feel these people are using our friend. If it wasn't for our friend, these people wouldn't have been able to buy their share of the property. I found out very recently that one of the partners put it to our friend that once their settlement comes through, they would like to buy her share of the farm property. Proof in our minds they were using her to get that property!!!
We're worried sick. One of us has strongly stated the feelings towards all of this, but our friend says "the universe will provide..this is my destiny". We can't force her to do anything she doesn't want to do, but that doesn't alleviate our worry/concern. It's gotten to the point where we don't know her anymore, & we've caught her in several lies.
We're putting this in 'family' because this is how we all are in many ways.
Andrewa has some valid ideas. Our friend is hanging with like-minded people, so this behaviour will not go away anytime soon. The friend has shown keen interest in spirituality for a few years now, believing she can talk to not only the dead, but to animals. As for a bank account, we won't do that, but the other friend who is worried along with me offered her a place in their home, but our friend now we'll just let the chips fall where they may.
11/12/2011 6:54PM
Some people have to learn things the hard way no matter how young or old they are. Out of curiosity, was she always so spiritual about being in tune with the universe or is this a new found spirituality she gained through an event that caused her heartache or a traumatic event prior to the sudden impulse to make such a drastic move in her life?

I've seen people do outlandish things immediately after going through an emotional rollercoaster to where it made me question their emotional stability and all I could do is distance myself, let them do what they had to do to heal themselves with getting over the core issue and come back down to earth. It was definitely hard but no matter how much I pleaded with them to rethink their sporadic actions, they wouldn't listen to me. Unfortunately your friends situation will probably ruin her financially but all you can do is wait it out and when they are ready to see the reality of the situation, you can do what you can to support them.

This may be a stupid idea but if you want to and have a means to do so, open up a separate saving account where you and your friends could deposit money and save it for the person in question's rainy day. Even if a little bit is only saved at least they wouldn't be completely broke. There is the possibility that they might not take the charity so keep track of who gives what and how much so money could be returned back to people who gave or you could all sit down and emotionally absorb the fact that when the day comes that these people suck money out of her, she may need a place to live. Discuss with your friends the possibilities of who has the means to take her in.
2/14/2012 3:44:30 PM

So called correction bits?

The false advertisement of those miracle bits that will solve all your problems have started to build up in my box of shame. I collect all those pieces of crap after I have convinced the owners to use something else on their horses. I've gone on a mini rampage learning about all the bits I come across and educating those around me who want to hear about their bits. I'm not one of those who just pushes it on you because I know It would be annoying if some one walked up acting like they know every thing about you and your horse. I just offer it to those who are looking for better solutions.
Any ways I have a rather large collection of tom thumbs, wonder bits, and various curbs. ( You know those ones that break with slight pressure because they are the cheap ones they slap on head stalls when they sell them to you.)
I was wondering what you guys would do with them? I was thinking of taking them to the scrap yard so they can be melted down that way I don't have to worry about them being fished out of the trash and going into he hands of another mis guided person.
At the same time though I thought about saving them so one day I can use them as a teaching tool for other people. Showing them the bits and explaining their functions.
So if you has a box of bits who purposes pretty much only inflict pain and teach nothing of value sitting around what would you do with them?
Please no rude answers
02/15/2012 12:00AM
I do the same thing and just toss them in the trash.
2/17/2012 4:56:18 PM

I need help with my English presentation in school,someone help me please??...?

i have to do a speech infront of the whole class about a topic and this is gcse ,it has to be a page long,add a lil bit of humor,make it not boring(if that made sense).Im doing mine on animal cruelty ,and here is how far ive got,but i dont think it makes sense :L its this:

Animal Cruelty
Living things, Have feelings like us, they need food and shelter. Just because it's an animal doesn't mean it deserves to be abused. WE certainly don’t deserve to be abused so why animals?If you believe in God, you have to treat God's creatures with respect and also it's civilised and as a human we should know being cruel to living things is immoral.
Despite knowing this, we choose to ignore these facts about animals being abused. How could you let such nasty things happen to such guiltless animals?
Also the saying ‘a dog is not for Christmas it’s for life’ is something we should look towards. Now due to the credit crunch, lot of dogs have been abandoned by their owners and are left homeless. People who start of abusing animals will then lead to serious crimes such as murder, which is very common today.

Saying this, humans are involved in crimes by killing animals to get their fur to sell, which is a horrible thing to do to an animal and should be stopped all over the world. Humans also rely on animals for foods like meat, milk, cheese and other everyday foods we eat. We use them for guide dogs, police horses, guard dogs, farm dogs, sheep’s for wool and kill other animals for different materials such as leather and fur. Some people even use mice for research to test for diseases. Is this animal cruelty? Of course it is, how would we feel if all this would be happening with us humans? Some of you may say yes and some may say no.

Over 500 animals die each day and 300 000 are killed each year from animal cruelty and animal testing. Three hundred thousand ! Is this the way animals should be treated?
ok i know its not perfect but could someone improve it for me so that i get a good grade and make sure it makes sense also i need a bit more detail on the quote 'a dog is for life not just for Christmas',thanks.And oh im in year 9 so could you make sure that the language is not to hard and is what is expected for someone my age,thanks :)
Could do with a good ending too :)
02/18/2012 1:06AM
Like humans, animals have feelings. They require food and shelter.
We certainly don't deserve to be asbused, so why would animals?
If you believe in God, you know that you should treat God's creatures with respect.
As a human, we should know that being cruel to living things is immoral.
Even though we know it's wrong, we choose to ignore the fact that animals are being abused.
How could you let such horrible things happen to innocent animals?
The saying "A dog is not for Christmas, it's for life." is something we should go by. Due to the recent economic troubles, many dogs have been abandoned and left homeless.
It is proven that people who abuse animals are more likely to commit more serious crimes, such as murder, in the future.
Many animals are mudered just because a poacher wants to sell their furr. They have no concern for the life of the animal. Poachers are behind certain species going extinct.

I fixed a few of your sentences so they sound better.
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